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Members of the team: Pablo Aguilar Hernández, Rocío Arnao Espinosa, María Luisa Cruz Alba, Juan Francisco García Guillén, Blanca Zaira Medina López y Jaime García Suárez

We were chosen for the construction of an exhibition area to show the works executed by students during that year. It had two important conditions: it should to be a reversible intervention and a very tight budget (Finally two days before its construction was canceled for political reasons outside our competence)

The exhibition area consists of 3 longitudinal volums, which create different areas for various exhibitions. The volumes are formed by scaffolds (1’09×2’00×2’00) covered with white cloth. These modules have lights inside, which illuminate the area at night and make your perception change.

The concerts  and projections area is covered with a structure formed by metal wires and Yute’s cloth placed alternately (to avoid the sail effect,  protecting from the powerful sun of Granada and allow the air draught). Metal wires are anchored at both ends and at the highest point, they are supported by the existing trees with a washer

The bar area is resolved by the same system of scaffolds place in  an “L” form.

This ephemeral intervention, in addition to answering a specific neccesity, seeks to recover the village character, which was lost after the construction of the dam. After that, the old village of Canales was relocated in the middle of a slope without planning design.

Project developed at the Granada University for the period covering from April to June 2013.


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